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We are starting the NPA Computer Games Development course on Wednesday!
Are we ready? Not really, but we’re getting there. By chance I found this amazing tool today:

It creates flash games using a scratch-like programming tool, or full Java code. It has image editors and a library of great graphics and behaviours.


I’m planning (planning!) to update on how we get on with our course. We are running the course with zero printing, assessments through Glow and online e-portfolios of some kind. Fingers crossed.

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  1. #EduScotICT many free online tools are not accessible. Discuss.
  2. @fraserspeirs i would love the govt to encourage os development and pay for people to participate.
  3. @fraserspeirs as a development model, i think open is best: usability issues can be factored in. If glow is based on current os tools...
  4. @fraserspeirs e.g. award winning hcis built atop android.
  5. @fraserspeirs Sharepoint isnt winning usability awards, either. With open source AND the right people, usability can be addressed