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We’ve been running an S5/6 Games Development course (NPA) this year and it’s (so far) been very successful. Pupils are highly engaged, working hard and creating some cool games. We’re fairly happy with how it has went in this first year. One question that has arisen is about transition from S3 in the future. Given that we have games design mentioned specifically in Es and Os (while spreadsheet, database etc isn’t!) could we build a strand running from S1 to S6 in games design, giving scope for qualification at the earliest possible convenience?

We shall see…

I’m going to try and remember to record thoughts on games design and its place in our curriculum over the next few days. I know. Calm down.

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  1. #EduScotICT many free online tools are not accessible. Discuss.
  2. @fraserspeirs i would love the govt to encourage os development and pay for people to participate.
  3. @fraserspeirs as a development model, i think open is best: usability issues can be factored in. If glow is based on current os tools...
  4. @fraserspeirs e.g. award winning hcis built atop android.
  5. @fraserspeirs Sharepoint isnt winning usability awards, either. With open source AND the right people, usability can be addressed